Valencian Grand Prix 2023 Chequered Flag Square

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The Valencian Grand Prix was the exciting last round of the MotoGP™ season in 2023, with action taking place left, right and centre. This beautifully presented square comes from the very chequered flag that was waved at the final Grand Prix weekend of the season. 

The start was tense, with Bagnaia just 14 points ahead of Martin in the Championship standings. Whilst the Italian started from pole, with the Spaniard starting 6th, on paper it would be an easy start. What unfolded was quite the contrary as Martin rocketed up to 2nd in a matter of just two corners. The two Championship contenders were locked in an intense fight when Martin went wide at the first corner a few laps later. Martin’s pace was phenomenal, and he was cutting through the field until he made another mistake in the heat of the moment, colliding with Marc Marquez, putting both riders out of the race. Bagnaia took the chequered flag and celebrated his second MotoGP World Championship from the top step of the podium.  

Following the race, the iconic chequered flag was brought back to MotoGP™ Authentics, where it was hand-cut, with each square presented next to a photograph and professionally framed up.  

Now, this framed chequered flag square display allows you to own a real piece of MotoGP™ history and treasure the memories of the race for a lifetime. 

  • Genuine square hand-cut from the Valencian GP chequered flag 
  • 2023 MotoGP™ history you can own 
  • Accompanied by a photo taken at the event 
  • Professionally framed 
  • Dimensions: 445mmH X 450mmW X 30mmD 

Please note: The flag square colour will be chosen at random.