2023 Williams Racing FW45 Official Show Car

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Gulf has an illustrious history in motorsport with some of the most iconic and respected teams and this will be the first ever official Gulf-liveried F1 show car to be brought to market in partnership Williams Racing, an icon of the sport with a heritage like no other F1 team.

Built in partnership with Grove, the show cars are designed and manufactured using the same techniques as real F1 cars. We create unique composite tooling to create patterns which are then used to create carbon fibre moulds via an autoclave.

Each mould is then used to create each specific part of the car’s bodywork using authentic materials, creating a show stopping car that pays tribute to one you saw on track.

The images shown here are illustrative of the final specification supplied. Due to updates during the year and to protect Williams IP the final surfaces may change. The final specification will be fully approved by Williams Grand Prix and Authenticated by F1 Authentics. 

Bolder Than Bold  

This special livery celebrates the boldness of those determined to make their mark, keep progressing and pushing boundaries. It embodies more than just being brave, heroic, or fearless. It represents an unwavering commitment to never giving up and always approaching challenges with confidence. Gulf and Williams Racing share a resolute belief in being bold on and off the track.