Lewis Hamilton 2016 Bodywork in Acrylic

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The 2016 season was one of the closest fought F1 seasons in the last decade. Lewis Hamilton, on the back of two consecutive World Drivers Championship’s, was pitted against his teammate for a hard year of racing.  

The Mercedes WO7 was a very dominant car, taking 19 wins in 21 races across the season, with Hamilton taking 10 of those 19. With this incredibly special piece of bodywork, you are owning a piece of the car that achieved some incredible things.  

With this piece of bodywork that’s been hand-cut and encased in a special acrylic, you can fully appreciate all the incredible detail that goes into making the WO7 Formula One cars to make them as light, and as strong as possible.  

  • Lewis Hamilton’s bodywork from the 2016 season 
  • From the WO7 Mercedes-AMG F1 Car 
  • Won the Constructors Championship 
  • Encased in Acrylic to make it easy to display