UFC Legacy Replica Desktop Belt

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Own this exciting piece of UFC memorabilia; this desktop belt recreates the UFC Legacy Belt, which was introduced in 2019.  

The UFC Legacy Belt was brought in after the 25th anniversary of the sport and recognises title defences and new championship wins. Each UFC Legacy Belt is customised for the Champion who wins it, by country, weight class and number of title defence that they have. 

The belt will then be used for the duration of the athlete’s MMA career and will get red stones added to the side plates when more championship wins are claimed in their division.  

The belt also features a tribute to the history of the sport and includes 25 stones around the main plate, representing the 25th years of UFC, as well as eight flags honouring the first eight countries to have a UFC champion. 

This desktop version is perfect in size for placing on your desk or display, celebrating the incredible accolade won by the top fighters of UFC. 


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