Jenson Button 2009 Brawn GP Print – David Johnson

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After the 2008 season, Ross Brawn bought the remnants of the departing Honda F1 team and crafted the most incredible ‘one-season wonder’ Formula One has ever seen. The 2009 season saw Jenson Button win 6 of the opening 7 races in his Brawn GP that started the season so dominantly. As the season progressed, other teams caught up with Brawn’s car and left Button being chased down for the Championship Title. 

This print from David Johnson perfectly encapsulates the Brawn GP, piloted by Jenson Button, in all its glory. The print shows the Bawn in action with its understated plain white livery, with its neon yellow undertone. Behind the in-motion steering wheel is the iconic helmet of Jenson Button.  

With two races remaining, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel was Button’s largest threat. On the back of a win at the Japanese Grand Prix, the German was just 16 points behind the lead Brawn driver. Whilst this is a significant margin, anything can happen in Formula One. In the final races, Vettel did not manage to close the gap enough and Jenson Button held onto his first ever World Driver’s Championship title. 

There’s something beautiful about Button and Brawn’s championship together. The driver had been in Formula One since 2000 and was clearly had the talent to be a for-lifer. Which vastly contrasts the short and sweet life of Brawn GP F1 Team that was bought by Mercedes AMG at the conclusion of 2009. 

  • Jenson Button in his Brawn GP - WDC and WCC winners 
  • Print by David Johnson 
  • A2 size 
  • Comes as a roll 
  • Limited to 1000 
  • Signed and numbered by the Artist