Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team 2024 Halo

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We now know what the Aston Martin will look like for the 2024 season, and the team are the first ones to put their 2024 car on circuit, as the team had a shakedown at Silverstone Circuit. Be amongst the first to have an exact replica part from the Aston Martin that will tackle the 2024 season.  

The Halo has been an integral part of driver safety in Formula 1 since its first use in 2018. Formula 1 is an open-wheel and open-cockpit sport and that means that the drivers head is exposed. The role of the safety device is to add a layer of protection to the driver's head. The Halo has saved so many drivers from serious injuries or worse, including Zhou Guanyu, Romain Grojean, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. 

The Aston Martin driver line-up for 2024 remains unchanged, with Lance Stroll and, two-time Champion, Fernando Alonso driving the British Racing Green F1 cars.  

This Halo has been built in-house at F1 Authentics, from Carbon-Fibre. We use the exact same process’ that Aston Martin do, to make these Halos as perfect as the real thing. The Halo then adorns the exact same livery as the real 2024 Aston Martin and is ready for you to display now.  

  • Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team  
  • 2024 F1 Halo - built in house at F1 Authentics 
  • Team: Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll