Memento Exclusives has been selected by Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake to build its first show car for the 2023 season.

The 2023 C43, built by Memento Exclusives, was used at the team’s official F1 2023 season car launch and is now being auctioned on F1 Authentics. The C43 will be the first 2023 show car available to the public with the model on display being the first built - chassis no.1 It is expected to reach in excess of £400,000 on the auction.

The C43 will feature a signed chassis plaque by Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu and will also be sold with the race suits and race boots that the drivers wore for the Launch Show.

The auction of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake’s 2023 launch car went live on on 7th February. This was timed alongside the F1 team’s official launch of their 2023 competitor.

This special auction is a world first. It is the first time an official Launch Car has been available to the public.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director of the Sauber Group and Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Representative:

“The philosophy behind our launch has been to bring fans closer to the team, and auctioning this showcar fits within this narrative. As our launch car, this C43 showcar is a piece of history and the first step in what is hopefully going to be a successful season for our team. The success of last year’s C42 show car, the first ever produced, is what spurred us on to create another great piece of memorabilia with Memento Exclusive, and I’m looking forward to seeing the interest it will generate.”

Barry Gough, CEO & Founder of Memento Exclusives, said:

“We are pleased to be able to continue our partnership with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake in 2023, kicking off the year with the launch of the C43 Show Car. This brilliant piece of engineering has been built in house and will be used by the F1 team for their official car launch. It will then be available on our F1 Authentics platform, in an exciting auction that will allow collectors to own this phenomenal piece of history.

“Our partnership with the team has only grown stronger and will continue to allow us to not only be the official supplier of Alfa Romeo Show Cars, but also to sell official F1 memorabilia from the team too.”

In 2022, Memento Exclusives was entrusted to produce the C42 which marked the first time a show car from the current F1 season was made available for public sale. Now, in 2023, Alfa Romeo Team Stake will continue its strong partnership with Memento Exclusives with the launch of its latest car.

To place a bid on the new C43, head to