Lewis Hamilton 2021 Bodywork & Photo Collage - British GP

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Celebrate the most decorated driver in F1 history, Sir Lewis Hamilton, with this striking display. It features authentic race used bodywork from the driver's W12 that saw him dominate his home race on the iconic Silverstone circuit and take home an impressive win.

The victory was cause for controversy however, with Lewis and his closest rival Max Verstappen colliding at Copse corner - the fastest corner on the track. The incident subsequently ended Max's race, however the British seven-time champion went on to take the win in front of his home crowd. The collision had fans divided over who was more to blame, which only increased the thrill of the season and the excitement over who would claim the Title at the end of the season.

The bodywork is presented alongside a photo taken at the track by world renowned F1 photographer, James Moy, making it the perfect display for fans of the British Champion.

The bodywork has been carefully hand cut, ensuring the authenticity of wear and signs of use remain, and the display has been professionally framed by skilled professional in house at F1 Authentics.

  • Features authentic W12 bodywork, race used by Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 British GP
  • Race used from a moment in F1 history
  • Photograph taken at the race by professional photographer, James Moy
  • Professionally framed in house

Please note: All bodywork is unique and may differ in appearance, shape and size to the one pictured. The picture is for representation purposes only.