Lewis Hamilton 2020 Hand Embellished Canvas - Paul Oz

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Introducing the latest Paul Oz F1 wall art - depicting seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton in 2020, available as a hand embellished canvas. 

    Paul Oz is a highly acclaimed F1® artist, creating portraits of the sport’s biggest stars and is known for his explosive and energetic artworks. This eye-catching piece is sure to make a great addition to your wall.

    Lewis Hamilton is one of the most iconic names on the F1 grid, and for good reason. The young Brit entered the grid and instantly smashed expectation, giving one of the best rookie performances ever seen, climbing to the top of the list for the most wins, pole positions and podium finishes. 

    By matching the seven World Titles of one of the most legendary drivers in F1 history during the 2020 season, Michael Schumacher - Hamilton solidified his position as one of F1’s greats. With his blistering speed and unrivalled talent, Hamilton has proved himself to always be one to watch on the grid. 

    Now you can celebrate the momentous achievement for the driver with a striking print but one of the best artists in the world of F1. 

    • Depicts Sir Lewis Hamilton 
    • 2020 World Championship  
    • Artwork by Paul Oz 
    • Hand embellished 
    • Measures: 760mm(L) x 950mm(H)