Formula 1® 2022 Concept Sculpture

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This striking miniature sculpture F1 model is based on the F1 Concept 2022 supplied by Formula 1®.  Experience a taste of the 2022 F1 season and its phenomenal F1 race cars.  


  • Handmade miniature sculpture – approx. 11 cm/4 inches long 
  • Based on the F1 Concept 2022 supplied by Formula 1 Group 
  • Weight approximately 75 grams 
  • Designed by designer Remco de Reus  
  • Crafted by the Amalgam Collection 

This sculpture has been hand cast and plated in an eye-catching aluminium. The minimalistic look allows for the details to shine.  

F1 regulations underwent a complete reworking in 2022 and therefore the cars boast a very different look to what we've previously seen. This sculpture, designed by the incredible automotive designer Remco de Reus, and crafted by the Amalgam Collection, has beautifully encapsulated the 2022 F1 concept design and is a piece that represents the exciting change for any F1 fan.  

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