Fernando Alonso Hand Embellished Portrait Print – Paul Oz

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Alonso started his career on track as a serial record breaker, securing the title as F1’s then youngest polesitter, race winner, World Champion and double World Champion – now racing with ‘unfinished business’, Alonso is determined to win... 

Own a hand embellished print celebrating double World Champion, Fernando Alonso, created by world renowned F1 artist, Paul Oz. 

Michael Schumacher had claimed the title as F1 king during the early 2000’s, collecting poles, wins and titles at a rate that had never been seen before in F1 – but then entered a talented Spaniard, Fernando Alonso, who truly changed it all... 

Alonso had a dynamic entrance onto the F1 grid, soon becoming a serial record breaker in his early years on track and at one time being F1’s youngest polesitter, race winner, world champion and double world champion - an impressive list of achievements.  

With a competitive spirit and a confidence in his own ability that very few would dare to challenge, Alonso’s career has been defined by blistering speed, sheer determination, expert tactical thinking and an impeccable attention to detail.  

With his fire for racing still very much ablaze, Alonso is determined for further successes on the F1 tracks. Celebrate his incredible career and all of his successes to come with a portrait capturing the legend by one of the most talented artists in the world of F1, Paul Oz.  

  • Hand embellished portrait print of Fernando Alonso 
  • Created by world renowned F1 artist, Paul Oz  
  • Celebrates one of F1’s greats 
  • Dimensions: 41inch x 36inch